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Town Planning Consultants In Brisbane

For most people Town Panning can be a frustrating stage that slows down the process of "getting on with the job". We thoroughly understand this, and can help make the Town Planning and Design processas comfortableas possible by having the client involved and informed, and having the right team of peoplefrom experienced BSA registered building designers and qualified town planners, both working very closely together to deliver great outcomes for our clients.

Pre-Purchase Town Planning Assessments in Brisbane and Logan.
Before we put our design pen to paper, our team of experienced and qualified Town Planners and Building Designers can assists our clients from a simple general enquiry that we can resolved quickly over the phone or within an hour or so. A typical question "How many units can we fit on my block of land?" It's these types of questions that that Council's Town Planning Departments cannot answer for you.

For all involved, the first step is to undertake town planning discovery from Council to assess if there are any known town planning issues such as overlays, zonings, acid sulphate, overland flow paths, flooding, heritage, local town planning codes to name just a few that may affect the project. Once we know what needs to be addressed we can assess the time it may take to obtain that planning approval and who else (consultants) if any,may become involved, and the estimated costs.

Quick Town Planning Approvals using "Risk Smart" In Brisbane and Logan.
Straight forward compliant applications can be assessed "in house" as our Town Planners are accredited by Brisbane City and Logan City Councils for "Risk Smart" town planning assessment, and then give their recommendations to Councils for a quick final approval. In many cases the town planning approval can just take a few weeks, not months without "Risk Smart" accreditation. With our building designers and our town planners working very close with each other the process to obtain your town planning approval is much quicker.

Working with the Council's Town Planning Departments.
For more complicated and or large town planning applications, where multiple outcomes and or solutions are required, and or it's not clearly spelt out what the Council may accept or require a strategy is to have Council take some a form of ownership in the design stage of the project. This is where a town planning pre-lodgement meeting can identify any civil, environmental engineering and any social issues for Council to "air" their town planning goals and for all to discuss alternative approaches if required that will hopefully satisfy all party's needs. Usually a conceptual site plan layout and or elevations is all that is needed in the early stages of discussions with Council's town planning department to set a path of action before chalking up unnecessary consultants fees.

Town planning can be very subjective in its interpretation, and some Town Plans may be deliberately written that way, so a collaborative approach with the Council's town planning department is sometimes considered favourable.The information gathered from these meeting results with invaluable information that forms part of the design brief. This strategy has proved successful on a number of occasions with our dealings with Brisbane and Logan town planning departments.

Town Planning in Character Areas in Brisbane Inner Suburbs.
It's vital that the design is compliant. In many inner city suburbs infilling is becoming a trend while retaining and renovating the existing home and building contemporary designed units at the rear of the site. Wherever possible we strive for free hold titling rather than group or community title, as this will increase the value of the development for our clients.

3D Modelling Town Planning Back Up and Animation.
In some instance Council's town planning department may request shadow diagrams and or 3D images of not only your building to assess if it has the correct aesthetic character for the area, but many involve assessing how new building is affecting the adjoining neighbours. This is where building designers and town planners must work extremely close as a team. This is our approach in all instances. These images and or animations can also be used for the clients marketing.

Larger Projects - Vehicle Movement Software
In larger industrial, commercial and multi-residential projects, Council will require vehicle circle diagrams for the larger vehicles servicing the project to ensure that all vehicles can manoeuvrewithin the site. Brisbane City and Logan City Council Town planning departments now accept our diagrams due to the software we use. Normally this task is given to a traffic engineers. This work is part of our fee ... a substantial saving of thousands of dollars to the client.

Who's in our Team serving Brisbane and Logan ?
Within our team are Surveyors, Building Designers, and Town Planners, right through to all disciplines of Civil, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, Energy Assessor and Certifier to sign off on the completed building.

Our Aim.

  • Our aim is to achieve the best possible results for our client needs,
  • To fight for best possible design and town planning outcomes and financial yields for our clients.
We thoroughly understand that clients want to know as quickly as possible the following:
  • Is the project is a "goer?"
  • How long will it take to obtain a town planning approval?
  • How much will this cost?

Call us to be pleasantly surprised.

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