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First Consultation is Free, and after hours if required.

Our fees are calculated on a “Dollar value per Square Metre” basis. This equates in simple terms to approx 2.5% to 3% of the project cost.  

For homes this fee can vary from $30 per square metre for a single storey home, to $50 per square metre for a 2 storey home of medium complexity (compared to a typical Floor Tiler’s rate of approx $30 to $35 per square metre, plus the cost of the tiles, we feel we represent good value).

If the ground floor is elevated off the ground, we would need to design the floor members and draft a “Floor Framing Plan” at an additional fee of $6.60 per sq.m.

You can expect to receive the following when we are engaged:

  • On Site Design Consultation
  • Detailed Design brief taken
  • Concept Design and modifications where required to your satisfaction
  • 1st Cost Review from one of our builders or from your preferred builder
  • Design Development (fine tuning of the design)
  • 3D computer modelling showing solar access into the building at various times of year
  • 3D fly around animation on CD for use on your home computer
  • 2nd Cost review from one of our builders or from your preferred builder
  • Working Drawings for Building Approval. (i.e. Site Plan, Floor Plans, Elevations, Slab Plan, Cross Sections, Connection Details, Roof Water Design, Site Drainage Design, Site Planning showing excavated heights and filled areas, Location of retaining walls if they are required, Location of Pool, Tennis court etc)
  • Electrical Layout blank plan  (you to complete or see our optional services)
  • Floor Finishes blank plan  (you to complete or see our optional services)
  • Energy Assessment Certificate
  • Quotes from Consultants (typically from surveyor, structural engineer and building certifier)
  • Co-ordination of consultants
  • Complete all the Lodge applications for approvals
  • Follow up to obtain the approvals
  • “After Approval Back Up”, with prompt answers to questions from the builder and or yourself

Renovations and Additions: Typically an “On Site Design Consultation” which lasts approx 2 hours, where concept sketches are produced. If the renovation is straight forward we can obtain a “ball park estimate” from one of our builders. Fee ..$375

From this “On Site” meeting, we will give you a fixed fee to complete the job.

If you have your own design worked out, or have it partially worked out, we can assist. Depending on the level of completion you have of your design, we can assist with design input and working drawings for your building approval. A fixed fee will be prepared for your consideration. Generally this equates to approx from 1.5% of the construction cost.  With copyright laws, we will not redraw other 3rd party designs (eg. project homes - regardless of the number of changes).

Additional Services: (approx 1 to 1.5% of the construction cost) .. firm quote given

  • Specification of Fittings and Finishes – our selections (essential for tendering)
  • Tendering to 3 builders
  • Site Inspections of the building and with a written report
  • Room Detailing
  • Electrical layout Design

Other Consultants we can organise for you (at no additional fee for homes only):

  • Landscape Architect
  • Colour Consultant and or Interior Designer
  • For Commercial Projects: Hydraulic Engineer, Electrical and Mechanical Engineer

The above fees do not include other consultant’s fees and or council fees.

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