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Brisbane Building Designer - Jeff Osman

Quality Design is a not only about looking good,
                                              it's also about function and the form will follow.

These are the hallmarks of Brisbane Building Designer, Jeff Osman. Jeff’s designs have consistently been credited with numerous design awards from the HIA, QMBA and the Building Designers Associations since 1983.

Jeff has been honoured by the HIA since 1997 as a Judge in their Top Homes competition. This experience over 7 days serves to widen his design appreciation, skills and abilities.

In 1997, Jeff’s design practice was honoured by the Building Designers Association of Queensland with the ‘Award of Excellence’ for the best building designer business in the State. This award acknowledges a premier business which its members would wish to aspire to... a credit to his abilities as a designer, and also a credit to his dedicated staff and his quality control and management.

Jeff is well known within the Queensland building industry as an innovative and practical designer, with a flair for imaginative designs, that are documented with great care and attention to detail, and satisfies the most fastidious of builders.

3D computer illustrations and presentations are offered to all of Jeff’s clients.

"It's so important that our clients fully understand our designs, and 3D images give not only our clients a better opportunity to view their building before its built, but its an extremely useful design tool."

Passive energy design is a very high priority with all of Jeff’s work. All designs undergo sun analysis for the summer and winter solstice. Cross flow ventilation is much much more than having two windows in a room, its about looking at the total home and its site conditions.

Using landscaping will also assist with the comfort levels of the home and more importantly your state of mind and the pleasure you will receive from your home and your workplace.

"It's so important to look not only at the basic design of the home, but to also address color and landscaping to ultimately satisfy and complete all projects. Our job is not complete, until we address colour, selection of fixtures, fittings and landscaping issues with our clients."

When asked what Jeff’s favourite design styles are, he replied that very modern expressionist buildings with lost of "guts and strength" which gives lots of scope to explore the boundaries of his design and construction skills.

An equal second was light and airy, Sub-tropical buildings with lots of wood and soul, and real connection with the Earth.

It's all about good design.

"Sloping sites, love ‘em, as they force the form of the building to flow and function. They may be challenging to design, but the end result is more satisfying, there’s no question about that."

Jeff’s philosophy is that all buildings and particularly homes and workspaces, must feel relaxed, and offer real privacy when called upon, and shelter for all occasions, moods and functions.

Homes should offer opportunities for all members of the family to retreat and relax, where offices need to be insulated from distractions but open visually.

Homes should be flexible in function, with selected walls that might move in part or in whole. In most modern buildings, most of the internal walls are non-load bearing, so why not relook at their function to various climatic and family situations.

Life can be too high pressured and stressful, so why not use one your greatest investments to help you and your family to "chill out and relax"?

Parents these days seem to be the greatest victims of to-day’s work load, so why not think of your home as your own private resort and fully understand the statement "it's good to be home".